Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Grape #20: A Reintroduction

I began this blog a few years ago, but it kind of fizzled out much quicker than I'd planned. The thing is, I still have a lot I want to talk about, and here's why...

We should all be able to rattle off our sins to a priest, our failings to a psychologist, on a moment's notice, and if we can't, we aren't spending enough time really thinking about the ways in which we're fallible, and in real need of spiritual growth. We're all living here in the same playground of life, yet some of us are playing more than we're grounded in the reason we're here. Some of us aren't keeping our darkest thoughts and deeds in check at all, in fact, and guess what? Everyone knows. They talk about us behind our backs when we keep doing those things we always do, and saying those things we always say.

I don't write this because I'm some morally superior leader in your life, but actually because the complete opposite has always been true. Sure, I consider myself lucky to have gotten the kind of education in theology, and years of experience in a monastery to postulate on religious, spiritual, and life topics of all kinds, but I've also got a fairly good handle on my own moral inferiority, and I believe that's the kind of knowledge any preacher worth his pillar of salt really needs to have.

I'll put it plainly. If you knew all my so-called sins and sinful thoughts, you'd know I have no right to judge you for your own, and I won't. Spiritual discussions aren't judgments, either. They're simply diving boards into the pool of growth. (But I know diving boards scare some people.)

So here's what Grapes on Divine will be about. It'll be me writing about topics of all kinds with the hope that you comment and occasionally share my entries to help us get a conversation going online. One week it might be an esoteric church discussion about what the Trinity means, but a few weeks later I might go on a spiritual rant about the Kardashians and Kermit The Frog. The topics are all just starting-off points. It's the conversations we build together that will matter more.

I'll keep things real, I'll keep my ego in check, and I'll consider your time as I do so, keeping most of my entries to a brief, bite-size vitamin of verbal virtuosity. That's the long, arrogant way of saying I'll keep 'em short.

So stay tuned. The conversation begins next week.

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