Monday, March 5, 2012

Grape #1: Divine Thinking

As you go through your day, how much do you stop and think about the really big issues? I don't mean financial security, housing, and health. Bigger than that. How much do you think about God, Heaven, Hell, Life itself?

Never? Rarely at all?

In this new blog, I'll periodically post my reflections and essays on a huge variety of spiritual topics. A lot of it will be the closest thing to Absolute Truth I can share. And a lot of it may be complete nonsense that in my opinion just seems right. It'll be your job as the reader to cipher through what I write, and decide for yourself whether you agree or disagree. I'll be looking forward to your feedback on any piece you choose to reply to. Sometimes we'll be on the same page, and other times it'll be clear we're reading two (or more) completely different books.

What matters most is that we begin a dialogue, because I don't think we do nearly enough Divine Thinking. As a human race, we're great at Divine Praying and even Divine Living at our best. But we rarely stop to actually think about our faith and our existence.

Grapes On Divine will be a place for me to reflect and sometimes rant on every topic imaginable--from a divine point of view. "What Would Jesus Do" is a phrase many Christians use to understand what the best course of action would be. We'll do something similar here, as we learn to see ourselves and one another with Divine eyes. Because the more we look at each of the Grapes On Divine, the more we'll come to a better understanding of Divine itself.

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